Lead in words


Welcome to my internet pages, created for the purpose to make you delighted and to offer unusual photographic catches to the broad public.

My way to the photography was just another logical step in the life of a visual artist.
I have always admired the magical beauty of nature, its inexhaustible variety of shapes, forms and miraculous colours. It is a challenge for me, to catch the magic of light on things, which surround us, and its colourful metamorphoses.
I accept this challenge with humbleness and diligence.

Vladimír Polesný

As well as the tick-tock of time, the countryside sails through my fingers,
As well as the corn of ear, my want matures to catch stone layers,
As well as my desire to pat morning waters,
As well as myself bows in front of the beauty of ages,
So much I want to see, perceive and live,
So much I want to present, get and dream.

It is nice to have something to dream about,
Because in the real world unreal things become rules.

To my teacher © Kristyna Sulerova